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Інститут післядипломної освіти


Institute of Post Graduate Education


          The Institute of Post Graduate Education was set up in 1966. At that time it was called the faculty of raising qualification at Lviv Agricultural Institute. In July 2000 the Ministry of Agrarian Policy issued the resolution on foundation the Institute of Post Graduate Education at Lviv State Agrarian University including two departments i.e. the department of post graduate education and the department of raising qualification. Over the period of 37 years more than 35 thousand specialists of AIC have been trained. Over 5 thousand of managing staff reserve for the branch have been retrained and raised their qualification. 80% of agri-farms managing personnel of the western region of Ukraine were the listeners of the Institute of Post-Graduate Education  such well-known personalities of Ukraine as M.Hladiy, K.Vashchuk and V.Plyutynskyy .                  

            Now the Institute of Post-Graduate Education Is working on the extension of the list of specialties included on program of post-graduate education.

            New methods for conducting the courses of retraining and raising qualification for the spies lists of agro industrial complex and managerial staff of the 5-7 the level are being developed. The most qualified teaching ,scientific and managerial personnel is engaged into the worth of the Institute of  Post-Graduate Education.        


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